About Us

About Us


We are event designers that wanted to make a difference in our market and in this world.


We have seen the waste that is endemic to the industry: beautiful, usable goods thrown out at curbside at the end of the night. Nobody wants to waste all those goods, but designers and clients can no longer afford to keep or re-use materials because the price of storage is so high. It is not just a waste ecomonically, but is an environmental burden, as much of these usable goods wind up in a landfill. From beautiful event to garbage heap, taking decades or centuries to break down

We began looking for a way to resell and re-use event & wedding goods, from flowers to hard goods. As we asked around the industry, we found designers and vendors who also were frustrated with the waste of perfectly good items and the financial loss of no longer being able to re-use goods.

By having an open market solely devoted to the re-sale, re-use and rental of event and wedding items, we hope to find a solution for the industry, for brides on a budget, and for our environment. By having one site that is devoted to all aspects of event and wedding recycling, we hope to make it easy for designers, planners and brides to find what they are looking for, and to sell what they have, on a timely basis, without a waiting period, without too much time spent searching various outlets. This is especially key, as it is standard for people to have to find a buyer for their items immediately after the event – even picking the items up at the breakdown of the event, to avoid having to store the items any longer. And spending too much time finding a buyer can make the resale process frustrating and ultimately unprofitable for the designers and vendors.


We want all of our clients to get the best value for their dollars, to have the most successful events and gorgeous weddings, and to easily and effectively recycle these goods to reduce pollution and help the economy. Even more, we hope that this site can help foster a community within the event industry, allowing professionals to exchange not only goods, but to share stories, information and support.